Qufu Architecture

In June of 2004 I took a trip to Qufu in Shangdong Province to visit the home of Confucius.  Elizabeth Knup, my American Co-Director during the year I worked at the Hopkins-Nanjing Center, got the train tickets for me.  I spent three days in Qufu and took hundreds of photos.  This site is my attempt to make them available to anyone who might find them useful.  I have minimal explanation, but will add what I can as time permits.

All photos were taken with my old Olympus digital camera which was only 1.3 megapixels.  They are all displayed here at their maximum resolution.  The weather was overcast the whole time I was there and some of the photos need to have the brightness and contrast adjusted to best display what was photographed.

Temple of Confucius 孔庙 Kong Miao

Confucian Forest 孔林 Kong Lin

Kong Family Mansions 孔府 Kong Fu

 Temple of Yan Hui 颜庙 Yan Miao

 Temple of the Duke of Zhou 周公庙 Zhou Kong Miao

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